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Autotrasporti Lopedote

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Our values

the compass that shows the way to the future


We believe in the Individual, we have always placed people at the center of our project. We strive every day to ensuring they can enjoy the respect and care they deserve, and we do our best to be worth of their trust.


We are a credible company, we keep our promises and meet deadlines. We make sure that those who entrust us with a task are guaranteed it is optimally carried out on schedule. The relationship of trust we build with our customers is the engine allowing us to face and win new challenges.


We have unconditional trust in the future. For this reason, we invest in innovation in terms of both service and technologies. Our vehicles are always cutting-edge, our human resources are constantly being trained, the technologies we use always keep up with the times.


We believe that competence is the true wealth of a company. Our human resources are well prepared to face the most ambitious projects, we choose our collaborators following accurate and scrupulous selections, we train them to make them fully competent to offer our customers the best possible service. Each of them represents our community.

Lopedote Trucking deals with people transportation.

We are specialized in the transportation of differently-abled people at public and private rehabilitation centers. Customers’ needs are our priority: we are committed to solve all your transport-related problems.

Efficiency, punctuality and safety are the distinguishing traits of our work.


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Cel: 3473214255
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